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2010 Love 2 Cheer Invitational

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2009 Welland Olympic Torch Relay

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Darkroom Magic is a small sole proprietorship handling digital and traditional photography as well as custom lab work. My name is Dave Dafoe and Darkroom Magic is my company. With over 25 years of photographic experience, I am a recent graduate of Niagara College Canada with a Certificate in Photography.

I finally made the switch to digital (friends know this is major news!) and am experienced with Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4.

My interests are mainly environmental portraiture, event, nature and scenic photography; however, I am experienced in most other aspects of photography as well.

I've had my own darkroom for almost 30 years and am capable of handling most film and paper formulations (C-41, E-6, RA-4, P-30P, and B&W). I can also handle special requests such as push/pull and cross-processing.

In addition to traditional darkroom lab work, Darkroom Magic can customize your digital photos by enhancing the quality through white balancing, colour correcting, 'noise' removal, spot/blemish removal etc.